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Hi there! I'm Cheryl, the creator of "Sunny Days with 'E.'." I'm an art therapist, children's book illustrator, and cartoonist that truly believes that creating something can really help a person find joy in life. As for me, I've always loved drawing cartoons. My main character was created in 2004 and I've been drawing her and her friends steadily ever since.


My main character is "E," and her best friend is an Australian Cattle Dog named Birdee. She's a very optimistic, fun loving, little girl who loves to go on many adventures with all her friends. 


Drawing "E" helps me to see the lighter side of things in life and reminds me to enjoy the small things. I've always hoped to help people experience that themselves when they see my cartoons.


Enjoy! :)


















The Real "E" and her Australian Cattle Dog, Spaetze


Love from our fans...

"I so enjoyed looking at these. I felt happy and a sense of calm at the same time. Just what I needed!!!"


- Loyal Fan  

"Received the best Christmas presents in the world today! They were a pack of your cards among other goodies."


- Happy Customer

"I look forward to seeing these every day. They truly help they day get better and put a smile on my face. I'm so glad you are sharing your talent with us."


- Loyal Fan

"I received your cards and love them. Can hardly wait to use them."


- Happy Customer  

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